If trust has been broken in your marriage because of infidelity or porn or sex addiction, or you are lonely because of your spouse’s intimacy anorexia, it’s likely you’ve felt traumatized, humiliated, betrayed, heartbroken, angry, conned or all of the above.  At Dawning Hearts, I guide women towards feeling cherished, peaceful, loved, valuable, worthy and whole.  

You have nothing to be ashamed of….what happened to you isn’t your fault.          

You get to choose your path.  No one else can do that for you.  You can choose to stay married, heal and restore your relationship to something better than ever.  You can choose to move on.

Learn to be your own hero.

Here you will find your inner stregnth, hope, confidence, and authenticity through my services and links to resources and blogs– all of which are designed to help you through this painful, yet dawning season in your life.

Shift from trauma to triumph starting today

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