When you’ve been betrayed you deserve to be valued, respected and to process, grieve and heal at your own pace.  You’ve likely been giving all of yourself to your spouse and family….well now it’s time to give back to you!

Your certified professional coach, Jennifer Cole, has been coaching women who feel betrayed for over 5 years, from all over the world.  Through an interactive coaching process she helps you determine what is important to you, how you want to heal and without judgement.  She looks at what is blocking you from getting there and then together, you will come up with manageable steps to reach your goals.  As a coaches she listens, guides you through this healing journey, offers helpful resources and holds you accountable.

Jennifer, is also a registered nurse with her degree in Nursing Science and a post-RN diploma in Occupational Health Nursing.   She is currently being certified in sexual addiction recovery with the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT) and partners trauma with the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) .  She is an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and is also a mom, Canadian, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, Christian, aunt, friend and wife of a recovered sex addict and intimacy anorexic.

Jennifer’s life experience, completion of a 12 step program for partners of sexual addicts and intimacy anorexics,  facilitation skills, 20 years of nursing, coaching certifications and her values of trust, peace, and healthy marriage enable her to be authentic and gentle as you go through this healing journey together.

Here are some guiding principles of my coaching style.  What comes up for you when you read each one?

  • If one person changes, the whole relationship changes
  • You can only control you
  • What happened to you isn’t personal
  • There are no mistakes/regrets
  • Everyone I meet is both my student and my teacher
  • Be your own hero
  • All we have is now
  • With God all things are possible
  • The reasons we get married aren’t the same reasons we stay married
  • It’s okay to be angry.  What we do with that anger could be the problem
  • Love, trust and forgiveness is a decision
  • Nothing good happens in secret
  • Trust is something that is given; respect is earned

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