“Jen’s coaching style makes for a  very comfortable and safe environment. She has helped me in uncovering limiting beliefs and addressing my own inner critic that has held me back in various aspects of my life from moving forward. Her caring spirit is genuine,


Photo taken by a client who celebrated a successful navigation through a difficult conversation with her partner.  Great job!!!!!



“Jennifer is an amazing coach!  She has a unique way of capturing what is going on with me at any given moment in our sessions.  She is a true listener who provides the space I need allowing me to make my own conscious choices and decisions.  Jennifer’s compassion, gentleness and kindness immediately created a bond of trust where I felt safe sharing my inner most self with her. In this crazy fast paced world where we tend to forget who we are and what we really want, Jennifer’s genuine coaching skills allowed me to break through the barriers from the past and present to set new goals and create happiness that was long overdue 🙂  I recommend Jennifer to any woman who is stuck in a world of mistrust or betrayal as she patiently accompanies you on your journey to make the decision of who you want to be. Thanks Jennifer!!!!!”  Deb~~ New York


“I was leary about confidentiality and the fact that the support was all through phone,email,text. It seemed to me that traditional therapy was done in person and it was different to not meet in person.   I actually preferred working with Jen through email and calls. I felt like there was always someone close by to offer support, suggestions and guidance. I didn’t have to wait for a booked appointment to address issues, and therefore felt like the trauma could be dealt with as soon as issues arose.  The first 6 months after disclosure were the worst 6 months in my life. Knowing that I had constant support from someone that knew exactly the trauma I was going through was reassuring and comforting.  I would recommend Dawning Hearts!!  Jen is not only knowledgeable  about SA and trauma but is also compassionate, supportive and allowed my experience be guided to areas I needed to address. Jen is a forever sister in this journey and I am thankful for her and the work we did together.”  Cindy~~ Ontario


ice cream celebration Another celebration by a client and her husband for a difficult, yet powerfully intimate conversation they successfully navigated.  Congratulations and enjoy your home made ice cream.  You both deserve it!


“Jen is a highly intuitive, compassionate and creative coach who empowered me to set clear, loving boundaries with my family. She held me to my agenda while giving me the space and the freedom to explore how my fears with assertiveness and people pleasing permeated every area of my life and business. Together, we birthed a plan to help me trust myself as I now speak my truth and communicate my values with confidence. With Jen, I was able to fully take off my mask of perfection that I’ve been wearing for decades as a protective shield and stand in my full power as a gloriously sensitive woman. My marriage, business, family life, health and sense of self have been transforming with Jen’s support. I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism; clear coaching process and gentle, keen insight. Her fabulous personality is an added bonus to make my coaching experience a fun-filled adventure to the depths of my soul and back! I enthusiastically recommend that you invest in yourself today by investing in coaching with Jen!” -Maria P.


“Thanks for all your help Jennifer. I had a lot of therapy and treatment and did a lot of work on workbooks, read books and talked in groups, but I consider your help to be about the best around. I always recommend you.” J.S., Ontario